Alja DS300T UPS 

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Alja DS 300T  UPS>سه فاز ورودی- 3 فاز خروجی › 3 فاز به 3 فاز فرکانس بالا › سری DS-300T

Alja DS300T UPS

Transformerbase UPS topology

 Low input current Total harmonic distortion (THD)

 High input power factor

 High efficiency up to 93%

 Static and maintenance by-pass switch

 Output short circuit and overload protection

 External REPO switch input

 512 events memory (512 events 45000 alarms)

 Clock and calendar (battery supported)

 Automatic battery test, remaining battery time indicator

 Temperature compensated charge system (option)

 2 RS232 serial ports and 12 dry contact output

 Advanced remote control feature

 Optional SNMP and MODBUS adaptors

 Output DC leakage protection

 Full digital structure

 small footprint

 Economode operation (option)

 Advanced diagnostics for the input

 Selectable input/output voltage/frequency range

 Split by-pass input (second input)

 3 DSP controlled modular structure

 Seperate DSP for inverter control

 Seperate DSP for the PFC

 High charge current capacity

 Charge/discharge Current indicator


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